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We are an integrated health and wellness nutrition company and an exclusive distributor of Golden Biotech products in Singapore. It is our goal to deliver high-quality supplementary products to our customers to keep them happy and most importantly healthy.  

We are the authorized reseller of Golden Biotech Antrodia Camphorata products in Singapore. These products include RASLE, LIVERTY and UMOOZE which are HSA Approved.


Golden Biotechnolgy Corporation

Golden Biotechnology Corporation (GBC), founded by Mr. Sheng Yung, Liu in 2002 is a leading and innovative drug discovery...

Antrodia Camphorata

Antrodia camphorata (AC) is a rare medicinal fungus that grows naturally inside the Cinnamomum kanehirae tree trunk, an endemic native tree species of Taiwan.


Antrodia camphorata (AC) is well- known in Chinese word as ,Niu-chang-chih or Niu-chang-ku. For nomenclature, currently it goes by the names Antrodia camphorata or Antrodiacinnamomea or Taiwanofungus camphoratus.

Wellness Programs

Our health screening is an essential step to this program in providing an overview of your health status, we believe that good health comes from the concept of pre-emptive detection and early intervention. Through health screening, we aim to help you better understand and manage your health, we then have various wellness programs specially curated for individuals followed by a post-screening to monitor the wellness and improvement over time.
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Change the way you live life,
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