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About Standard of Living

We are an integrated health and wellness nutrition company and an exclusive distributor of Golden Biotech products in Singapore. It is our goal to deliver high quality supplementary products to our customers to keep them happy and most importantly healthy. We are driven by the wellness in everyday life to maintain the standards of living everyone is looking for.

About Golden Biotechnolgy Corporation

We are the authorized reseller of Golden Biotech Antrodia Camphorata products in Singapore. These products include RASLE, LIVERTY and UMOOZE.

Golden Biotechnology Corporation (GBC), founded by Mr. Sheng Yung, Liu in 2002, is a leading and innovative drug discovery and evidence-based healthy food supplement manufacturing company dedicated to enhancing lives by developing high quality products that prevent and treat diseases.

GBC’s main focus is on new drug R&D, IP right, pharmacology, toxicology and clinical studies. GBC has also successfully built up the screening platforms to identify bioactive compounds from traditional Chinese herbal medicine that includes more than 480 kinds of local plants, 1300 species of fungi, mushrooms and seaweeds.

Throughout 2002-2005, around 400 drug candidates were obtained from these screening platforms. Based on our own core chemical database, the ubiquinone-likestructure of Antroquinonol® was actually discovered in 2006 during drug development. The pharmacology and toxicology of Antroquinonol® have been established along with the CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls) development and large-scale cGMP manufacturing of Antroquinonol®.

Golden Biotechnology Corporation has set up subsidiaries in the US, Japan, China, Korea and Singapore and built up the PIC/S GMP certified facilities in order to enhance the collaboration and well prepared to meet multiple clinical trials and future market demands for the worldwide market.